Ultrasonic Ranging Obstacle Avoidance Smart Car Kit With LCD Display For Arduino


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Ultrasonic Ranging Obstacle Avoidance Smart Car Kit With LCD Display Infrared Control For Arduino


Infrared control, easy for OFF-Line control
I2C 1602 LCD display, real time control the running stage and distance
Station the motor by clipping, more stable
Use chargeable 18650 battery and holder


Building block hardware processing mode, easy for understanding and learning
Code is easy to be read and modified, making a different smart car, which benefit from Arduino
Use the super main board to realize remote control, obstacle avoidance, ranging, display, drive the motor and servo etc.
Good expansibility, the smart car is very easy to study. You can achieve serious of function by different sensor module. Such as fire robot, search and rescue smart car, WIFI robot.

Package included:

2 x Gear motor
2 x Wheel
2 x motor mounting
1 x All-direction wheel
1 x 5mm smart car chassis
1 x Acrylic glass (100 x 150 x 2.6mm)
1 x L298N shield
1 x Atmega328 develop board
1 x Holder
1 x Servo
1 x Ultrasonic module
1 x IR receiver
1 x Remote control
1 x I2C 1602 LCD display module
1 x 18650 battery holder
20 x DuPont cable
1 x USB cable 100cm
3 x 35mm copper cylinder
8 x 6mm copper cylinder
All the necessary 3mm screw and nut