Universal LCD Display Driver Board PS2PS3xbox360 HD AV VGA


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Driver Description:

1: 1 channel VGA signal input
2: 2 channel AV signal input
3: 1 channel HD signal input and the IC support HD1.1 and 1.2
4: 1 channel reverse signal input
5: Support wide voltage input, and can normally work between 5V-24V,
6: Standard backlight 6PIN interface, can external pressure plate
7: The integrated LCD driver board LED backlight driver
8: Standard LVDS signal output, can support a single 6, single 8, double 6, double 8, etc. standard LVDS signals LCD, but only supports 3.3V power supply LCD screen
9: Standard key board interface, and supports two-color LED display
10: Support TTL signal output

Does this baord suitable for my LCD? How to know? Here is the method!

Step 1: Find your LCD model's resolution (you can check the resolution from this link: https://www.panelook.com/index.php)
Step 2: According to the specification of the resolution to find corresponding resolution program in this link: https://files.banggood.com/2016/08/SKU213295.rar
Step 3: Burn the corresponding program with the burner. (NO instructions how to burn)
If you can find the program, it means this board is compatible with your screen, no matter what size, only need resolution is the same!

Package included:

1 x Universal LCD Display Driver Board
1 x Keyboard with Wire