0-28V 0.01-2A Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply Module Short Circuit Current Limiting Protection


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Input voltage: 24V AC or 30V DC 

Output voltage: 0 to 28V  adjustable
Output current: 0.01A – 2A adjustable

Fast rotary encoder: 0.5V, 0.05A
Slow rotary encoder: 0.1V, 0.01A


1. The power supply kit can be used as a constant current power supply output voltage.
2. current value can be preset. Current can be pre-set maximum current value in the circuit When turned on in order to avoid damage.
3. A temperature fault fan control switch is turned on (the default is 50 degrees) 

Power production belongs to the high voltage large current circuit, please be sure to carefully, otherwise may cause harm to the personal safety.

Information please look here:

1. files.banggood.com/SKU422723%20manual.doc
2. files.banggood.com/2016/Hiland installation.pdf
3. Shell: ID- 1067526
4. Fan and heat sink kit: ID: 1067404
5. Recommended Transformer: 24V, 50W

Package included:

1 x Power Supply DIY Kit