3Pcs Temperature Control Sound Light Alarm Kit DC3-5V Electronic Circuit DIY Training Suite


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With simple circuit, easy soldering, this kit is very suitable for the teenagers to learn circuit and soldering. The feature of this kit is small size, high sensitivity. It uses the sound and light to finish the alarm, and it can be used to detect the temperature. In conclusion, it has high practicability

Circuit introduction:

The circuit of this suite is very simple, it is consisted of three triodes (two S09014 and one S9015), one active buzzer, one LED and one thermistor. Adjust the potentiometer to set the temperature threshold value, use two S9014 triode to drive the buzzer, when the temperature is higher than the threshold value, the LED lights and the buzzer alarms; when the temperature is lower than the threshold value, the LED does not light, the buzzer does not alarm.


Working voltage: DC3-5V
PCB size: 21 x 30mm
Quantity: 3 set

Schematic diagram: