10000W High Power SCR Electronic Voltage Regulator For Speed Control Dimming


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1. Military level double circuit board design.
2. High-voltage condenser.
3. ST trigger diode.
4. With heat sink.


Dimensions: 130 * 60 * 47mm/5.12"x2.36"x1.85"
Weight: 238g.
Shell Material: Aluminum alloy
Voltage: 220V AC
Output voltage: 10-220V (output voltage less than input voltage)
Maximum Power: 10000W (when 220V)
regulator materials: military grade double-layer circuit board


Electric furnace, water heater, the lamps and laterns that move light, samll motor, solder iron temperature control and so on(Inductive or capacity load power should be reduced, the voltage regulator is equipped with two-way high-power thyrister, don't add any component can use , very convenient and practical.)

Package included:

1 x High Power 10000W 220V SCR Voltage Regulator