SP-10W 5V Output 42*19cm Rear Junction Box Solar Panel Battery Charger


High quality, imported high conversion efficiency panel; Convenient and practical; Safe and friendly environmental; Can work in bad condition; Long span life.
Fits 12V battery, backflow protection; Easy to use: Plug into cigarette lighter.
This product is designed to supply power for outdoor 12V applications, such as automobile, Camping car, marine, Motor etc. It can charge your motor battery and keep enough capacity to protect the battery. It is convenient, safe to maintain your car battery anywhere.
Support 5V output, for 5V digital products like Smartphone and other 5V USB charged devices.
The Flexible Solar Panel
Model No.: SP 10W
Pmax: 10W watt @1000w/m², AM1.5, 25
Ipmax: 1.12A USB: 1.0A Maxmum System Voltage: 1000V
Vpmax: 12V USB: 5V Weight: 0.25KG
Isc: 0.95A USB: 1.1A Operating Temprature: -40 +85
Voc: 14V USB: 5.2V Junction Box: IP65 Rated
Package Include:
1 x Solar battery charger
1 x Car charger cigarette lighter plug
1 x Clip adapter