10pcs 5V Breathing Light Kits DIY LED Flash Kit Blue Flashing Lamp Electronic Sets LED 5mm


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Supply Voltage: USB 5V power supply.
Emitting Light Colors: Bright blue.
PCB Size: 36 x 26mm.


Breathing Light's light turnning from light to dark under the control of Integrated Circuit, which is like Breathing. It provides great visual and decorative effect which widly used in the field of digital products, computers, stereos, automotive and so on.
Working principle: U1 and its peripheral components form a self-excited oscillator, which is output from the LM1 foot. The oscillating signal acts on the Q1 triode to control the conduction degree of Q1, so as to control the luminance and breathing frequency of 2.

Package included:

10 x 5V breathing light kit