10Pcs GSM Mobile Phone Signal Flash LED Kit Radiation Power Supply DIY Kit



Moistureproof prevent seepage material, durable.
The appearance of new, more suitable for your DIY
No need power, flashing light

Range of application:

Electronic DIY
Cell phone radiation detection


Working voltage: without power supply
PCB size: 23 x 18 mm
Scope of application: mobile GSM mobile phone signal, for PHS, fixed and telecom CDMA mobile phone is no effect
Applicable time: call or conversation

Method of use:

Place the DIY module on the button below, as shown. When there is a call, LED is flashing.

Package includes:

10 x DIY kit

Matters needing attention:

1. Solering matters needing attention
Two bonding pad said a red label in components of the two solder joints, it says on the PCB components are negative.

2. ISS86 diode pin not to cut

3. "The beetles (PCB)" pin need welding 2 section 5 cm antenna
4. Place the location of the best in the cell phone button, the induction of radiation, the strongest effect is best
5. " beetles " only for GSM mobile phone have induction signal, other signals (CDMA …) is of no effect

Schematic diagram: