10Pcs TDA2822 Power Amplifier Audio Stereo Module DIY Kit Electronic Learning Suite


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This DIY kit uses the TDA2822M chip. This kind of chip is widely used in the WALKMAN, the radio and the Multimedia active speaker as the Audio Amplifier. It has the advantage of simple circuit, good Sound volume,Wide voltage range and so on, what's more, it can work in the stereo and the BTL circuits.
Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to assemble it.

Schematic diagram introduction:

The main circuit is very simple which is consists of the audio input adjustment circuit and the TDA2822 audio amplifier circuit. The audio input adjustment part is mainly consist of the headphone seat and the turbine rotary potentiometer, besides, it controls the size of the audio signal by adjusting the potentiometer.

Electrical parameters:

Working voltage: DC4.5-9V
PCB board size: 44 x 34mm
Buzzer size: 50mm
Buzzer power: 0.5W

Package includes:

10 x DIY kit