12V 280L/H Water Pump Mini Brushless Water Pump Submersible Motor


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Name: 12V 280L/H water pump
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS)
Size: 4.5cm*2.5cm
Product Description: water pump for Extraction of water
Rated voltage: DC12V
The use of voltage is best not to overpressure.
No load rated current: 0.15A or less
No-load water discharge capacity: 280L / H
Head: 12V specifications head 2.2 meters
Rated load current: .0.35A
Use: diving, land use can be
Noise: 40dB MAX (background noise 30dB, 0.5M or less)
Use of fluids: tap water, ground water, seawater,
Water temperature: -20 °C ~ 90 °C
Environmental humidity: 45% to 90%
continuous use of the working life of 20,000 hours or more
motor; brushless motor
Weight: 40g


12V 280L/H water pump for Extraction of water.
High quality and long service life.
Easy to operate..

Package included:

1 x water pump