3Pcs DIY Colorful Heart Shape Electronic LED Flashing Kit


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Supply voltage: 4-5.5V
Dimensions: 75 x 85mm


This kit contains 32 LED arranged in a heart-shaped pattern, driven by the IO port (active low);
Write program control IO port to high and low level, the LED lights off or on, forming a variety of patterns effects, especially when used at night, very dynamic.
Circuit is divided into three parts: the minimum system circuits, power circuits, and heart-shaped lamp circuit;
Connect power 4-5.5V, press S1 latch switch (this circuit design two power interface, easy to operate), the microcontroller begin to work, 32 IO ports each string limiting resistor and LED lights connected to VCC, which LED lights which IO port is low, which is fully controlled by the program;
This kit has been programmed, after assembled can be connected to display all kinds of tricks.

Installation Notes:

Pay attention to polarity when installing light-emitting diodes and electrolytic capacitors, long legs is positive. Note the U port direction when you install the chip seat, the positive and negative power supply can not be wrong, otherwise it will burn the chip. The middle of plug socket is positive, the outside is negative.

Schematic: Click to open

Package included:

3 x Heart Shape LED Flashing Kit

Test photos, for reference only!