AD8367 500MHz RF Broadband Signal Amplifier Module 45dB Linear Variable Gain AGC VCA 0-1V


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Product application:

AD8367 is ADI's X-AMP structure of variable gain IF amplifier consists of a 9-order resistance attenuation network and a fixed gain amplifier, enables accurate log linear gain control, gain control range of 45 dB, it can not only configure plus traditional VGA mode applied voltage control, while also incorporates square-law detector, which can also operate in AGC mode. AD8367 typical operating frequency range of less than 500 MHz, has two operating modes: positive gain mode (MODE Termination high) and a negative gain mode (MODE Termination low), analog gain control voltage range of 50mV ~ 950mV, control sensitivity of 20mV / dB, can be set by the AGC gain control terminal MODE is positive or negative gain control mode gain control mode to match the characteristics of logarithmic amplifier constituting stable negative feedback AGC circuit. When operating at positive and negative gain control mode, the relationship between the logarithmic and linear gain control voltage between AD8367 are: positive gain mode: G = 50Vc-5 (dB), negative gain mode: G = 45-50Vc ( dB) where, G is the gain in units of dB; Vc is the control voltage, in volts. Module has a shield housing and anti-reverse protection diode.

Technical indicators:

1, power supply voltage: + 5V DC (typical current 200mA / maximum gain output)
2, the operating frequency: DC-500MHZ, input and output impedance: 50 ohms;
3, the maximum output amplitude: 27dbm (200 ohms)
4, a variable gain range: 46dB (see specific curve curve S21)
5, the control voltage range (0-1VDC), optional internal potentiometer or programmed plus DA.
6, can be configured and VCA mode AGC mode

Mode settings:

VCA modes: voltage-controlled turn to gain mode,positive slope control mode (when J7, J4 shorted, J6, J2 open is VCA Control (positive slope)); a negative slope control mode (J7, J2 shorted , J4, J6 open, it is VCA control (negative slope))
AGC mode: AGC mode, the jumper settings (J6, J2 short, disconnect J7, J5, J9 is the AGC control)
Package included:
1 x AD8367 500MHz RF Broadband Signal Amplifier Module