48V 30A 16 Cell LiFePo4 Lithium Iron Battery BMS Balancing Protection Board


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Technical Parameters:

Balanced current: 80mA
Balance from the control point: 3.5 ± 0.03 V
Overcharge eelay: 75mS
Over-discharge threshold: 2.0V ± 0.08 V
Over-discharge delay: 5mS
Over-discharge release: disconnect the load, and each cell voltage is higher than the over-discharge threshold;
Overcurrent threshold: 50 ± 5 A (based on customer choice)
Overcurrent release: Off load release
Operating current: 30 ± 5A
Static power consumption: 0.5mA
Size: 143*65mm
Weight: 88g
Using the occasion: 48V electric bicycles, robotics

Use and assembly Note:

1. Welding battery lead must be careful not to take wrong or reverse. If it is found wrong, the piece of circuit board may be damaged, you need to go through re-tested before you can use
2. When assembling a protective plate do not directly come into contact with the surface of the batteries, to avoid damaging the batteries. Assembly to secure.
3. Note that the lead head, iron, etc. Do not touch the components when using the board, otherwise it may damage the circuit board.
4. Use process should pay attention to anti-static, moisture and waterproof.
5. Please follow the course of design parameters and operating conditions, shall not exceed the value of the specification book, otherwise it may damage the protective plate.
6. The combination of the battery pack and the protective plate well after the initial power output If no voltage or charge is not into power, please check the wiring is correct. If there are exceptions, please contact us.

Package included:

1 x Battery Protection Board