500W DC 12V 16V To AC 18V 0-220V-380V DC To AC Inverter Boost Step Up Board Converter Transformer


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1. The product should be broad, products with high energy efficiency, long life, low power consumption, easy to use security, energy saving and durable. it is wild, night camp, the night market traders, driving home emergency power of a good helper.
2. Can be used as a pure sine wave, Modified sine wave, single silicon machine, the first stage booster inverter circuit tetrasilicic machine. DIY enthusiasts for electronic production, maintenance substitution, control cabinet manufacturers supporting products and so on.
3. You can use electrical appliances: 0.1-500W lamps, non-inductive household appliances,small electric cookers, (Note: Support for all “electronic products") such as "energy-saving lamps Soldering switching power supply satellite TV receivers lamp LED lamp LED energy saving lamps fluorescent DVD machine VCD machine EVD machine LCD TV color TV flat screen TV laptop computer various computer monitors charger for all electronic products and so on.

Power: 500W
Input: DC 12V
Output: AC 0-220V-380V and AC 18V
Static load current: about 0.35A
Output frequency waveforms: about 20KHZ, high frequency square wave

Package included:

1 x 500W DC to AC inverter