5Pcs CJMCU-0401 4-bit Button Capacitive Touch Proximity Sensor With Self-locking Function


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CJMCU-0401 is a touch IC designed with capacitive sensing principle. Its stable sensing method can be applied to a variety of electronic products, the panel dielectric can be completely insulated material, designed to replace the traditional mechanical structure switch or ordinary buttons. Provides four touch inputs and four direct output pins and four LED indicators.


1. Operating voltage: 2.0V ~ 5.5V
2. The highest power consumption is 11.5uA, low power mode is only 4uA ( in 3V and no load)
3. External configuration pin is set to multiple modes
4. High reliability, the chip built-in debounce circuit, which can effectively prevent external noise interference caused by the malfunction
5. Can be used for glass, ceramics, plastics and other media surface
6. With automatic calibration function, when no keys are touched, the system recalibration cycle is about 4.0 Sec

Package included:

5 x Sensor