B900W NC DC Constant Current Power Supply Voltage Adjustable Boost Module Ammeter 120V 15A


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900W DC-DC boost module is a fully digital display NC boost module, small size, high power, high efficiency, stable.
Joined the high-speed microcontroller precision measurement and calculation, it can accurately adjust the output voltage and current size, built-in 10 groups memory location can be stored at any time, call up parameters, convenient to use.
Equipped with four eight LED digital tube, it can display the voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters in real time.
At the same time, this machine has an automatic output after power on, auto rotate function parameters can be turned on or off as needed use.

Main function:

1, The use of advanced microprocessors, can precisely regulated output voltage and current;
2, With memory save function, can store 10 groups of parameters, and can be freely stored, transferred out;
3, High-quality power devices, with the periphery of precision op amps CV and CC loop configuration, which greatly improves the overall performance of the module;
4, With an input voltage protection;
5, Having a constant voltage, constant current function;
6, Using 4 high brightness LED, can display the output voltage, current, power and capacity and other parameters in real time;
7, Automatic / manual switching display voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters;
8, With the output OUT, constant voltage CV, constant current CC indicator, you can view real-time job status;
9, Can be set whether to automatically output after power;
10, Can be a key to save the voltage and current values for the current setting.

Package includes:

1 x B900W Boost Module Ammeter

Item Parameter
Input voltage 8V-60V
Input current 0-15A
Output voltage 10V-120V
Output current 0-15A
Conversion efficiency 85%
Working frequency 150KHz
Short circuit protection 20A fuse
Operating temperature -40 ° C to + 85 ° C
Control method Digital Control + digital display
Voltage regulator / Display resolution <100V / 0.01V; >100V / 0.1V
Power display minimum resolution 0.001W
Current regulation / Display resolution <10A / 0.001A; >10A / 0.01A
Capacity display minimum resolution 0.001AH
Output ripple ≤50mV
Weight 243g
Dimension (L * W * H) 110 * 99 * 46mm