5pcs DC-DC 1.25-5V To 5V 1A Boost Power Module Dry Battery/Lithium Battery Step Up High Power Board



1. This module uses an imported chip, and the output current is raised to 1A, which reduces the starting current and improves the reliability of the whole.
2. The product uses the patch inductor, the volume is super small, specially designed for the customer which the volume has the request
3. With the function of undervoltage indicator light, when the voltage is full, the light is light. When the voltage is lower than 2.7V, the lamp is extinguished. At this time, the battery should be charged to avoid damage to the battery.

Module parameters:

1. Module name: lithium battery 5V boost module / 1.25-5V to 5V 1A boost power module with undervoltage indicator
2. Module size: 25 x 18.5 x 5.5mm (L x W x H, including the highest electronic component)
3. Module properties: non isolated DC-DC
4. Input voltage: DC 1.25-5V, N+ input positive, IN- input negative
5. Output voltage: DC 5.0V-5.2V
6. Rated output current: 1A (when input is 2.8V-3V, output is 0.8A; when a single lithium battery input, output can up to 1A)
7. Output power: when output current is 1A, the average efficiency up to 96% with undervoltage indicator function
8. Conversion efficiency: the average of 90% (the higher the input voltage is, the higher the efficiency is)

9. Output ripple: 50mV (MAX)
10. Working temperature: industrial grade (-40℃ to +85)
11. Full load temperature rise: 20
12. Static current: 130uA
13. Load adjustment rate: ±1%
14. Voltage adjustment rate: ±0.5%

Package included:

5 x Boost power module