5Pcs FM Wireless Microphone Pickup Wireless Audio Transmitter FM Emission MIC Core Board V4.0 100MHz


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This item make the sound around the microphone into the FM radio, and transmit out to achieve pickup and wireless radio FM transmitter,
the launch frequency is adjustable, the core board green components is the adjustable capacitor, change the adjustable capacitor can change Launch frequency, adjustable range covering 88-108MHZ GB FM band. You can use the radio and the phone (the phone with the headset line to do the antenna sensitivity is poor, is not recommended as a receiver) as a receiver! It is widely used in voice pickup transmission, audio MIC, the elderly and children sleep monitoring, etc. need to pick up the sound of the occasion!
This item has unparalleled wide voltage working range from 0.7V to 9V. 
It launch pure, spurious signal, the suppression is only -60dBc.
Operating voltage: 0.7V-9V
Frequency regulation range: 88-108MHZ (default 100MHz)
Launch distance: 9V work, the use of 70 cm antenna, open space, launch distance of 50-100 meters
The relationship between the operating voltage (volts) and the supply current (MA) and the transmitted power (dBm) is as follows:
9V, 24 Ma, 10.2dBm (i.e. 11 MW)
8V, 21 Ma, 9.5dBm
7V, 19 Ma, 8.5dBm
6V, 17 Ma, 7.1dBm
5V, 14 Ma, 6.1dBm (about 5 MW)
4V, 12 Ma, 4.5dBm
3V, 9 Ma, 2.2dBm
2V, 6 Ma, -1dBm (about 1 MW)
1.5V, 4.2 Ma, -4dBm (about 0.5 MW, general home environment emission enough, green radiation small)
1V, 2.4 Ma, -9dBm
0.7V, 0.9 Ma, -20dBm (i.e. 0.01 MW)
Wiring method:
The back of the core panel is labeled +, – and ANT, representing the power positive, negative, and antenna ends. The antenna generally soldered a 0.7 meter long short wire on will be OK, which is very easy!

Package included:

5 x FM Wireless Microphone Pickup Wireless Audio Transmitter