5V Laser PM2.5 Detector Sensor SDS011 PM2.5 Digital Display Module SDEV011 With Debug Board


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The sensor display module SDEV011 is used together with the Nordo laser dust sensor SDS011 to display the sensor values and other extended functions. The module comes with a 0.96-inch OLED display, and interfaces with the sensor, serial ports, and touch keys are provided to facilitate the implementation. Other functions can be used to demonstrate the performance of the sensor, build a simple air quality detector, and can also be used as an embedded detection display module for the air-cleaning industry.
Power supply: 5V micro USB powered
Maximum operating current: 50mA (without sensor)
Operating temperature range: -20°C to 50°C
Reserved serial port: TTL@3.3V (not enabled by default)
Reserved battery socket: XH2.54-2P (without default configuration)
Size: 70*70*13mm (length*width*height, including display, sensor and socket height)
Package included:
1 X PM2.5 detector sensor SDS011 PM2.5 digital display module SDEV011