6-12V 4-Wheel Chassis Smart Robot Car With Motor & MG996R Servo for Arduino


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– This 4-wheel chassis car uses rear-wheel drive and front steering to achieve forward, reverse and left and right turns.
– Similar to the principle of a professional remote-controlled car, using two pull rods to control the direction of the car through the steering servo, this is essentially different from the acrylic overhead steering provided by other friendly companies.
–  In addition, the power mechanism of the rear wheels has also been changed. As a result, an integral aluminum fixed a part that is filled with pressure and pressurizes the motor and the drive shaft, which increases the differential structure that is also similar to the principle of the automobile. The biggest advantage of the differential structure is reflected in the small car. When turning, the internal and external wheel speeds can be varied by the internal power distribution unit.
– The motor 385 high-speed motor brings faster speed, and two flanged cup bearings are added to the rear wheel to ensure more flexible motor rotation.


1. Total size: 270*147mm (L*W)

2. Rated voltage: 6V (6-12V)
3. No-load current: 0.6A
4. Load current: 3.5A
5. Speed: 6m/s
6. Load: 2.5kg
7. Motor: 380 Motor
8. Servo: MR996 + M3 Screws

Package Included:

1 x 4-Wheel Chassis Arduino Car