AD831 High Frequency RF Mixer Inverter


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The ad831 has is a low distortion, wide dynamic range, single chip mixer, suitable for such as HF and VHF Receiver RF-IF frequency, DMR base station in the second mixer, a DC – baseband conversion, quadrature modulation and demodulation, and ultrasound imaging, Doppler frequency shift detection and other applications.
The ad831 has provide + 24 DBM third-order intermodulation intercept point, realization of – 10 DBM Lo power, without the need for a high power Lo drive, there is no corresponding shielding and isolation problems, therefore, compared with the passive mixer to improve the performance of the system, reduce the system cost.
The mixer is designed as a single power supply, RF, IF and LO ports with DC isolation capacitor, easy to use. The operating frequency of the RF and LO inputs can be as high as 500MHz. IF output for single ended voltage output. With 250 MHz output bandwidth. A single resistor connected between pins OUT and FB is used to set the gain. The amplifier has low DC offset characteristics, so it can be used in DC – baseband frequency conversion and quadrature amplitude demodulation.
When the mixer's output amplifier and the optimum source impedance, the SSB noise figure of the mixer is 10.3 dB at 70 MHz. Different from the passive mixer, there is no insertion loss, no external duplex device, and no passive AD831.
Technical indicators:

RF input: 0.1-500MHz
RF input: +10dBm (1dB compression point)
Local oscillator input: 0.1-500MHz
Local oscillator input: -10dBm
IF output: 0.1-200MHz
Supply voltage: 9–11V single ended power supply
Package included:
1 x AD831 High Frequency RF Mixer Inverter