BF-2A Double Self-locking Aluminum Alloy CNC 10A Four Wire Battery Rack Fixture Suitable For 18650


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Characteristics of BF-2A double self-locking CNC aluminum alloy four wire battery rack:
1. No need screw to lock the sliding mechanism, double self-locking design, front and rear self-locking,
up and down self-locking, lock operation is more simple and faster than the acrylic version of the BF-1 single
2. All aluminum alloy, customized 3 tools, 5 axis CNC machining
3. Sandblasting – anodizing process, improve the surface roughness, wear resistance, with a certain insulation
4. 10A high current four-wire fixture, 16AWG ultra-soft silicone line current line (single core 0.08mm, 252 lines)
5. The bottom of the three screws fixed negative line, the line is more reasonable, unilateral outlet more convenient
6. Product weight of 195 grams
7. Volume: 137 * 24 * 44mm
8. The largest compatible battery size: length 75mm diameter 35mm (can support D battery)
Electrode outer edge screw is the current channel, the internal needle is the voltage channel (need soldering).
If the ZB206 + is used, the current channel is connected to the BAT terminal and the voltage channel is connected to the BV terminal.
Note the difference between positive and negative polarity!
Package included:
1 x BF-2A Double Self-locking Aluminum Alloy CNC 10A Four Wire Battery Rack