CJMCU-1051 TJA1051 High-speed Low Power CAN Transceiver For Arduino



CJMCU-1051 is a high-speed CAN transceiver and the interface between the CAN controller and the physical bus, which provides  differential transmit and receive functions for the CAN controller.
The transceiver is designed for the automotive industry's high-speed CAN applications, Transmission rate is up to 1Mbit / s.


The TJA1051 is an upgraded version of the high-speed CAN transceiver TJA1050 with improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance, with the following features:

1. The transceiver is not visible on the bus when the power is off or in low power mode;
2. TJA1051T/3 and TJA1051TK/3  I/O port can be directly connected with the 3V ~ 5V microcontroller interface.

These features make TJA1051 become the best choice for high-speed CAN network node , TJA1051 does not support bus wake standby mode.

Package included:

1 x CAN Transceiver