DC 5V 12V 4 Channel RS232 Serial Relay Control Module Switch Board SCM PC Controller


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Power requirements: DC 4.5-5V, inside positive outside negative; or DC 9-12V PCB 
Dimensions: 71mm*47mm(length*wide)
STC 15F 104W as master chip
Each channel independently set from 1 to 255 seconds delay
Simple operation, the vast majority of serial instruction is a single byte instruction2 onboard relays
Relay with absorption diode circuit
Each has a LED indicator lights relay
You can then extend a MO-94C module 4 relay via serial control with 1-channel power indicator
Capacitor filter circuit with improved stability supports 5V or 9-12V input voltage
1.6mm thick PCB by the military grade FR-4 sheet material, set aside the mounting holes
Module uses chip technology, supports 5V or 9-12V input voltage.2-way through the serial controlrelay pull, release, each channel independently set from 1 to 255 seconds delay. Simple operation, the vastmajority of serial instruction requires only one byte function can be realized. VB provides PC program andsource code more easily control the computer remotely. After receiving each instruction, the module willreturn to the latest state of all relays. In addition, the module can also be a response from the PC programrelay status inquiries. PC program can be judged by the feedback from the module each operation is successful, improve the accuracy of control. This product also can be further extended a MO-94C 2-wayserial control 4 relay relay module.

This product is provided relevant applications and related source code,if you have questions, you can contact us.

Package included:

1 X RS232 serial relay control mudule