DC-DC 5-25V 25W Adjustable High Power Boost And Buck Power Module Step Up And Step Down Board


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In+: Input positive

In-: Input negative

Out+: Output positive

Out-: Output negative

ON/0FF: Output control key

S1: Mode select key / memory key

Size: 47 x 41 x 16mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 25g

Input voltage: DC 5-25V

LED Indicator: YES

Output voltage: DC 0.5-25V(Adjustable)

Continuous output current:2A(max)

Continuous input current:2A(max)

Input / output power:25W(max)

Input / output current:The input / output current (Uin*Iin* efficiency =Uout*Iout) under rated conditions is calculated according to the conservation of power


1. The input and output voltage can be alternately displayed.

2. Boot status can be defined freely.

3. With button switch machine function, easy to control the output.

4. High power MOS tube reverse connection protection circuit, improve work efficiency and reliability.

Work pattern description:

Input voltage mode: Boot default to input voltage mode, show * *.*LED indicator light, output closed.

Output voltage mode: Press S1 to switch to the output voltage mode once, indicating that the **.*LED indicator goes out,If output is off, display 0FF.

Alternate mode: Press the S1 input / output voltage alternately again, and the 3S turns to displayData (again, revert to the input voltage display mode)

Memory model:

Long press the S1 key above 2S, the module automatically remembers the current working state as the default boot state.

The [0] stands for default to show the input voltage

The [1] stands for the default boot to display the output voltage

[2] represents the default boot / input / output voltage alternation display

The common voltage data test:

Boost efficiency: 

5.0V to 12V/1A efficiency 86.3%

7.4V to 12V/1A efficiency 88.7%

12V to 18V/1A efficiency 88.3%

18V to 24V/1A efficiency 87.3%

Buck efficiency:

5V to 3.3V/3A efficiency 74.2%

12V to 5V/3A efficiency 83.8%

24V to 12V/2A efficiency 86.4%

24V to 18V/2A efficiency 87.6%

Boost and Buck efficiency

12V to 12V/3A efficiency 87.4%     5V to 5V/2A efficiency 81.4%

Package included:

1 x DC-DC 5-25V boost and buck power module