DIY Electronic Aurora Kit RGB LED Flashing Kit


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DIY Electronic Aurora Kit RGB LED Flashing Kit


CPU using STM8 MCU control, each circle color conversion are using an improved pulse width modulation control, since the STM8 microcontroller PWM comes with a good performance, so that each circle color changes smoothly without jitter.
Further add a music spectrum display, as well as music beats, the color is random variation, is very colorful, via infrared remote control to switch the display mode.
Uses USB power supply and audio cable to power and input audio signal, it is very simple.
The LEDs should be towards the middle, because outside are the resistances.


PCB size: 122mm
LEDs: 162 pcs (5mm mist full color)

Aurora display:

1, Music spectrum effects (with the music beat, there is no precise spectral effect)
2, Aurora gradient effect
3, Water lights effect


May have off color
This is a DIY electronic kit, you need to have some electronic knowledge and ability.
Instructions: Click to open

Package included:

1 x DIY Electronic Aurora Kit