DIY T100 Aluminum Alloy Tank Caterpillar Chassis Smart Robot Kit For Arduino


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-Noveland elegant appearance:
1) Reserve the space for 9g, MM95, MM96R gear;
2) Reserve for the intallation holes for UNO R3 and NodeMCU development board kit;
3) Reserve the space for robotic manipulator;
4) Design the LED light for the dark moving and brighten the light;
5) Add the 25mm and 37mm motor frame, can change the 4WD smart car.

-Aluminum alloy:
1) The metal chassis is generated by aluminum alloy;
2) The bearing wheels and the driving wheels are metal;
3) The bearing wheelpiece is connected by the stainless steel and two bearings, which can let the bearing wheel is rotate freely with small frictions.

-Solid structure:
1) The chassis can bearing the weight is about below 5kg; we test the 2.3kg;
2) All the chassis are metal, excluding the track (plastic).

-Powerful force:
1) It is very powerful;
2) with Hall sensor and feedback;


Name: T100 Intelligent track car
Material: aluminum alloy
Wheel: metal
Track: plastic
Product size: about 200 x 190 x 80mm (length  x  width x height)
Weight: 740g
Voltage: 9V-12V

Motor Parameter:

Name: 25mm gear motor
Output speed: 150±10%rpm
No_load current: 200mA (Max)
Stall current: 4500mA(max)
Stall torque: 9.5kgNaN
Rated speed: 100±10%rpm
Rated torque: 3000gNaN
Rated current: 1200mA (Max)
Noise :56dB
Working voltage: 9V
Outside Shaft Length: 14.5mm
Shaft End Play: 0.05-0.50mm
Screw Size: M3.0
Dia. Of Shaft phi 4mm, D3.5
Encoder: 2pulses
Working voltage for sensor: 3-5V


The board is not included.

Package included:

1 x Chassis
2 x Wheels
4 x Bearing wheel
2 x Track (can be changed the length)
2 x DC Motors
2 x LED light