Robot:bit Plug&Play 5V Multi-functional Expansion Board For Micro:bit



Robot: bit is a functionable expansion board for Micro: bit, which supports makecode graphical programming and Python programming.
It is different from the general expansion board on the market, not just IO adapter board.
This expansion board also integrates other function chips, but also has other extension function.


1. Plug and play, compatiable with Micro:bit
2. With Lego mounting holes, compatiable with KittenBot
3. 4 full-color RGB lights
4. 8 way servo control interface (external power supply supports up to 8-way, bulit-in board battery supports up to 2-way)
5. 4-way DC motor / 2-way 28BYJ stepper motor
6. With miniature buzzer
7. P0-P2IO port 3PIN transfer
8. With 18650 battery port
9. With power management chip and charging circuit
10. With power and battery indicator


Size: 7.8 x 5.7 x 5.3cm
Net weight: 32.8g

Thickness of PCB board: 1.6mm
Diameter of small hole: 3.0mm
Diameter of big hole: 4.8mm
Voltage of battery: 3.7V
USB input voltage: 5V

1. Robot:bit
2. Micro:bit

Package Included:

1x Robot:bit expension board  (do not include 18650 battery and microbit)
1x Safty guide