FM Stereo Transmitter Module MP3 Recorder DIY Radio Station Kit


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Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to assemble it. Click here to download the assembly instruction.


Kit model: RF-03PLL
Kit use: private radio, car audio transmitter, cable audio to wireless
Operating voltage: DC4-6V
Operating current: 20mA-40mA
Launch distance: 20-80 meters barrier (affected by production level)
Transmit frequency: 87-108MHz, 14 frequency, through the DIP switch to change the frequency
Power indication: Yes, less than 4V Auto light off
Antenna: 300mm soft wire, you can also modify to launch farther distance
Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked loop
Frequency stability: zero drift
Sound quality: excellent, stereo two-channel transmission, automatic gain control
Microphone: Yes, PCB onboard
Microphone distance: 1 meter normal speech
Microphone and audio input conversion mode: pull out the audio line microphone automatically work
PCB size: 74mm * 52mm

Package includes:

1 x DIY FM Stereo Transmitter Module Kit

Low frequency D0 D1 D2 D3 Frequency
L L L L 87.7MHz
H L L L 87.9MHz
L H L L 88.1MHz
H H L L 88.3MHz
L L H L 88.5MHz
H L H L 88.7MHz
L H H L 88.9MHz
High frequency L L L H 106.7MHz
S3 dial to H108M H L L H 106.9MHz
L H L H 107.1MHz
H H L H 107.3MHz
L L H H 107.5MHz
H L H H 107.7MHz
L H H H 107.9MHz

Soldered PCB, for reference only!