Geekcreit UNO R3 Advanced Module Kit Electronic Learning For Arduino


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Advanced kit for Arduino is designed to get you started quickly and easily on your path of learning electronics. Once you've received your pack you can start to paly with little or no electronics and programming experience.
Makerduino UNO is compatible  and an improvement for Arduino UNO R3. It uses the best quality of material but sells in a much lower price. The Makerduino you received is fully tested with preloaded firmware. It comes with an USB cable, just plug and play.


No need to use breadboard, just plug and play
More than 20 Electronic Bricks
Including Bricks of Input, Output, Display, and Wireless Comunication, making it easy to do a variety of projects
All in one Box, Open and Play
With Library for Arduino


Use FT232 instead of ATmega16u2 making the interface more stable
Use Bigger package of 5V and 3.3V voltage regulator improving the load-carrying capacity
Bring out double pins for Arduino

Package included:

1 x UNO R3 (Compatible with Arduino)
1 x Electronic Brick Shield
1 x Red LED
1 x Push Button
1 x Momentary Push Button
1 x LED Button
1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
1 x PIR Motion Sesnor
1 x Light Sensor
1 x Humidity Temperature Sensor
1 x Infrared Receiver
1 x Water Sensor
1 x Toggle Touch Sensor
1 x Momentary Touch Sensor
1 x Tilt Sensor
1 x 5V Relay
1 x Buzzer
1 x RTC
1 x I2C 1602 LCD
1 x 315M RF Transmitter
1 x 315M RF Receiver
1 x 9g Servo
1 x 9V Battery to DC Converter
1 x 40P Female Dupont Wires
1 x 50cm USB Programming Cable
1 x IR Remote Controller
1 x Box