High Speed Closed Loop Stepper Motor + HBS57 Stepper Driver + Coding Cable Kit


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Color: black+blue
Power Supply: DC
Drive: HBS57
Voltage: DC16-70V (with 57 motor recommended DC24V)
Breakdown: 256 subdivision
Current: 4A
Torque: 2.2N.m
Rated Speed: 1000rpm
Maximum Speed: 2000rpm


– 57 closed-loop stepper motor driver package includes 2.2N, drive HBS57, DC20-70V power supply (with 57 motor recommended DC24V), supporting
  1000-wire encoder, high-speed response, torque, stepper motor fighter, widely used in Engraving machine, the need for high-speed high-torque
– Low heat (static, the current is almost zero, no heat).
– Smoothing (based on the feedback vector space vector current control algorithm and vector smoothing filtering technology, the traditional stepping
   motor troubled low-frequency resonance has a very good resistance).
– High-speed response (advanced servo control technology provides a large torque output, making the system has a very high dynamic response,
  stepping servo speed to 600-2000RPM).
– Applicable industry: dispenser / woodworking machine / welding machine / screw machine / zipper machine / winding machine / placement machine /
  packaging machine / engraving machine / laser machine / LED / electronic equipment.

You could click to refer the encoder wiring instructions here.

Package Included:

1 x HBS57 Driver
1 x Motor
1 x Coding Cable