Mega2560 R3 ATMEGA2560-16AU + CH340 Development Board For Arduino Without USB


Mega2560 R3 ATMEGA2560-16AU + CH340 Board For Arduino Without USB


This board is completely solve the traditional 2560 board is not compatible with win7 and win8 system instability.
Retains the main chip ATMEGA2560-16AU, replacing the usb chip-16U2, in most applications, these USB interface chips only as a serial "brush "and communication. With professional usb chip, not only can reduce the cost, but also can meet applications.


This version is optimized in the original version, mainly designed for customer need high product quality and function, not only consistent and compatible with the original, but also easy to use.
This version is not suitable for 3D printer, if you need this function please buy ID: 73020 (Click here)
THis version does not includes USB cable

Package included:

1 x MEGA2560 R3 Board