Mini Style Case With Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi 3,2 and B+ Computer Case


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– Injection Molded: The case has been upgraded from 3D printed to an injection molded version made out of a heat-resistant material. This unique design is made out of durable plastic and was designed to fit perfectly on the Raspberry Pi 3,2 and B+.

The new case has a thicker/more durable construction, much higher tolerances, along with a textured surface to give a professional touch to your DIY video game console project.


– Inspired by SNES Design; 
– Full Accessibility: Full access to SD Card, USB, Ethernet, Power adapter, and HDMI connector without opening the case; Large cooling fan installed with 2 pin GPIO connector;
Rubber Feet: Rubber feet come installed on the case for optimal grip while sitting on your entertainment center.
Color: With the injection molding, the color of the case has been able to much more closely match the true OEM colors.
Power/Reset Switches: The switches' appearance has been upgraded, but these only can be an aesthetic feature so that there is NO SOLDERING REQUIRED with this case!
Optional Cooling Fan: The case installs a quietly operating fan that optimally cools the Pi board down.
Hardware: The hardware has been upgraded to be even higher quality and strip-resistant.
Improved Ventilation: The overall ventilation, in this case, is much better than the 3D printed version and effectively cycles air around the Raspberry Pi 3 board.

1. Overall Dimensions: 119*99*38mm/4.7*3.9*1.5 inches

2. Weight: about 166g

* Raspberry Pi 3 Board is not included. The pictures in this listing with the Raspberry Pi 3 are displayed to show how the board fits in the case. 
Please allow 1-2cm errors due to manual measurement. 

Package Included:
1 x SNESPI Case For Raspberry Pi
1 x Cooling Fan
1 x Red LED Light
1 x Screwdriver
8 x Screws
1 x USer Manual