RS485 MODBUS RTU Temperature And Humidity Transmitter Temperature Sensor


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Material: Plastic
Communication protocol: MODBUS RTU
Size: 65 x 45 x 28mm
Power supply: 9-24V
Static Current: <10mA

Typical Applications:

Communication base stations archives, warehouses, laboratories, factories, workshops, computer room, museum, archives, library tube, hospitals, hotels, living quarters, petrochemical bases, power plants, nuclear power plants, substations, agricultural research base, health and epidemic prevention station environmental protection departments.


*This is a high precision temperature and humidity transmitter, small beautiful appearance, standard guide rail structure design, wiring is simple, and easy to install.
*High precision probe, guarantee the products with excellent measurement performance.
*Super stability and anti-interference ability, strong product protection performance, high level lightning protection.
*RS485 interface,communication distanceup to 1200 meters,together with the multiple modules connected to the bus network, real-time monitoring of multiple site environment.

Package Included:

1 x Temperature And Humidity Transmitter