RUIDENG UM34 For APP USB 3.0 Type-C DC Voltmeter Ammeter Voltage Current Meter


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UM34 Technical Parameter:

Product Model: UM34                                                 Display screen:1.44 Inch color LCD display
Voltage measurement range:4-24.000V                        Voltage measurement resolution:0.01V
Current measurement range:0-5.0000A                        Current measurement resolution:0.001A
Capacity accumulation rannge:0-99999mAh                 Voltage measurement accuracy:±(0.2%+1digit)
Energy sccumulation range:0-999.99Wh                      Current measurement accuracy:±(0.8%+3digits)
Load impedance range:0.8Ω-9999.9Ω                          Time measurement range:0-99h59min59s
Temperature range:-10℃-100℃/0℉-200℉                   Temperature measurement error:±3℃/±6℉
Screen brightness setting:0-5 levels                            Auto screen off time:0-9mins
Voltage graphing range:0-24.00V                                Current graphing range:-4.000A
Refresh rate:2Hz                                                      Quick charge recognition mode:QC2.0, QC3.0, APPLE 2.4A/2.1A/ 1A/0.5A, Android DCP
1. UM34 is no communication version, UM34C is conmmunication version by Bluetooth connection.  And UM34C don't have PC software , only have APP for android.
2.  Phone Android (Android 5.0 and above, support 18 kinds language, chinese, english and Russia …. )
3, User manual and Android APP download link:
4, For Android APP:
A: APP only support android 5.0 and above.
B: Allow APP to do in the background, not be cleaned.
C: allow APP self-starting.
D: Allow APP stay after screen locked, not be cleaned.

LD25 Technical Parameters:

Rated operational voltage: DC4-25.0V Max discharging power: 25W
Rated operational current: 0.25-4.00A (when fan don’t work, the minimum constant current is 0.05A ) Fan Speed: Large size intelligent temperature control fan, speed 5800±10%RPM
Constant current resolution: ±(1%+3 digits) Heat dispatch method: intelligent temperature
control fan + All aluminum fan
Working temperature: -10℃-40℃ Adjustable potentiometer: Precision multiloop adjustable potentiometer
Display mode: 4 bit LED tube Expansion port: Micro USB port, Type-C port
Product weight: 56.51g Product size: 83.8×41.1×27.9mm

LD25 Product Structure:
A. Micro USB port: MAX current 2A
B.USB male port (widened power wire, MAX current 4A)
C. Type-C port: MAX current 4A
D. All aluminum fan
E. Intelligent temperature control fan
F. 4 Bit LED tube
G. Precision multiloop adjustable potentiometer
H. “SET” button: press “SET” to switch display status, Press and hold the button to set the load output recovery mode after protection removed. 
I. “ON/OFF” button: press the button to open or close output. Press and hold the button to set the boot default status of open or close
LD25 Function Introduction:
a. Protection function:
OVP (over-voltage protection): there is OVP at 25-30V; it will be damaged permanently over OVP, LED show OVP, as picture 1 show)
OTP(over-temperature protection): load temperature is over  80℃, the LED show OTP, as picture 2 show.
OPP(over-power protection): the power is over  80℃, the LED show OPP, as picture 3 show.
b. Set output recovery mode after load entering protection status, manual or automatic
c. View the voltage value, current value and power value of the load. 
d. Intelligent temperature control fan. When the current is over 2A or the temperature is over 40℃, the fan will start.
e. Precision multiloop adjustable potentiometer: you can adjust the current precisely, upto 0.01A. so you don’t need to adjust a big current mistakenly to damage the power supply. So the power supply will not be damaged due to mistakenly adjustment
f. you can set default boot status freely, open or close.
LD25 Operation Instruction:
The load is powered at the range of 4-25.0V (the input polarity cannot be reversed, otherwise the product is permanently damaged and cannot be repaired), the LED will be flashing to remind current setting value, waiting for output. Press ON/OFF button, open output to start work.
1. Adjust output current value.
  Turning the rotary control clockwise increases the value and anticlockwise decreases the value. According to the needs of the situation, the potentiometer can realize coarse adjustment or fine adjustment. The fine adjustment can be accurate to 0.01A.
2, Adjust LED display status
Press “SET” to adjust the LED display status, default display output current value. Press “SET” button to display *.**A, **.*P, **.*V followed by recycling.
3. Open or close load output
  Press “ON/OFF” button, you can open or close load output
4, Set load default boot status (open or close status, Factory default close status)
Press and hold “ON/OFF” button to set load default boot status freely. Press and hold “ON/OFF” button, if the LED will display “–ON”, as picture 4, the load will open output when power on next time; If the LED display”-OFF”, as picture 5 show, the LED will display current value flashing at last shutdown when power on next time, then press “ON/OFF” button to open output.
5, Set the load output recovery mode after protection removed.
Press and hold “SET” button, to set output recovery mode after protection removed. Press and hold “SET” button, if the LED will display “–ON”, as picture 4, and the protection was removed, the load will recover to work; If the LED display”-OFF”, as picture 5 show, and the protection was removed, the LED still show protection status, then press “ON/OFF ‘button, the display will display present setting current flashing, then press “ON/OFF‘ button again, the load recover to work. 
NOTE: Please check the output current of power bank carefully. The current of the general power bank is generally small, so adjust smaller current when the load was used.
LD25 Application:
Assist to measure Micro USB cable good or not
Assist to measure Type-C cable good or not
Assist to measure output current capacity of charger good or not
The usage of large batch ageing test at the charger factory
LD25 user manual download page :
NOTE:This product has no reverse connection protection, the input polarity cannot be reversed, otherwise the product is permanently damaged and cannot be repaired.

Package included:

1 x UM34 USB 3.0 Type-C DC Voltage Current Meter
1 x LD25 Electronic Load