SANWU HF69B 6W+6W Dual Channel Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Amplifier Board


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Product model: HF69B
Bluetooth power amplifier board: Small standby heating, good-quality stereo, suitable for small bluetooth speakers.

Output power: 6W + 6W

Dimensions: 70 x 40mm

Stereo: Dual channel stereo

Applicable speaker impedance: 6 ohms, 8 ohms (if the horn impedance is too small, there will be a phenomenon of amplify volume then staccato, it will be easy to burn the speaker.)

Supply voltage: 5V DC or 3.7V lithium battery (during using, if the connector cable is too long or the battery is dead or the voltage is too low, the volume will be slightly up then staccato)

Supply current: >1A (if the current is too small, turn up the volume, it will appear staccato phenomenon)

Charging interface: When charging interface is powered by the lithium battery, the supply voltage is 5V. And mobile phone charger can charge a single lithium battery (the maximum limitation voltage for battery is 4.2VDC by the charging management circuit).

Bluetooth interface model: PH2.0 2P  

Battery interface model: 2.54 2P


1. When the switch is ON, the Micro USB port is the charging port, it will work if powered by the lithium battery. When the switch is OFF, the Micro USB port is the power supply port, it doesn’t need to connect with lithium battery.

2. If turn up the volume during using, the horn will appear staccato phenomenon, please check the power supply.  If the output current of power supply is not enough, the intermittent sound will occur.

3. It is recommended to use the lithium battery with a protection board.
Package included:

1 x HF69B bluetooth amplifier board