TL866II Pro USB BIOS Universal Programmer Kit With 9 Pcs Adapter


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The TL866II Pro Programmer uses USB interface, has high speed MCU, supports USB1.1, 2.0, 3.0, and the supported devices are keeping increase.


High speed program
All the chips do not need external power
40pins over-voltage protection
Lots of supported chips, serial, parallel and so on
Can test 74/54 CMOS4000 series integrated circuit
Support AVR SCM mass production of encrypt chip by using inner RC Calibration

Package included:

1 x TL866II Pro USB BIOS Universal Programmer
1 x USB Cable
1 x SOP8 to DIP8(150mil)
1 x SOP8 to DIP8(200 ~ 208mil)
1 x SOP28/SOP20/SOP16 to DIP28
1 x MSP/SSOP/SOP8-16 to DIP16
1 x SOP8/DIP8
1 x PLCC44 Adapter
1 x PLCC32 Adapter
1 x PLCC28 Adapter
1 x PLCC20 Adapter
1 x PLCC IC Clip