USB Adjustable Constant Current Module With Fan


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Applicable voltage range: DC3.7V-13V
Current regulation range: 0.15A-3.00A
Continuous discharging with 15W
5V-1A discharge resistance


Category: Electronic load of industrial level and long lifespan
The product uses common fans with oil.
For the intelligent start and stop of fans, the temperature control is around 40 Celsius degrees.
It uses ball fans with long lifespan, and with fast rotation speed and strong wind, it can support unsuspended work of continuous 15W discharging. It is suitable for long-term discharging or factories to conduct product aging tests.


The test results of discharge resistance meet an error within 10%, so this is not an accurate tester but just for your reference.
Due to severe heating, please mind your hands when using this product. Please avoid flammable and explosive objects and have someone on watch for the use. We would like to kindly remind you that we take no responsibility for all consequences caused by heated resistance. Thanks for your understanding!

Package includes:

1 x USB Adjustable Constant Current Module