Wemos 18650 Battery Shield Expansion Board


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18650 shield has a strong ability for 18650 battery charging and discharging. It will be very helpful for a lot of projects.
It is a better solution than 18650 shield V1 which could charge and discharge at 3A. It also has 4 LEDs to show the charging status and dump energy. It could detect target when the output current is less than 30mA the board will shut off automatically. The sleeping current is only 6 uA.
When you click once the button, charging work will start and LEDs will show the dump energy. When you keep clicking the button over 2.5s,
output will stop..
Over charging protection
Over discharging protection
4 LEDs indication
Temperature protection
Battery short protection
Click button will start work
Clikc button 2.5s will stop output go to sleep mode.
If output <30mA for 10s will go to sleep mode.
Current of sleep mode is 6uA.
Efficiency is 93.5%
Work temperature: -40C~85C
Be careful of "+" and "-", You should follow the direction of "+""-" on the PCB.
Package included:
1 x Wemos® 18650 Battery Shield Expansion Board( 18650 battery not included)