1.2 Inch LED Digital Clock Electronic Alarm Clock With Temperature


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1.2 Inch LED Digital Clock Electronic Alarm Clock With Temperature


Supply voltage: 5 ~ 32V DC
Supply current: More than 200ma DC power supply or charger.
Dimensions: 160 * 52 * 21mm (L * H * D)
Automatic exposure control, under dark circumstances automatically darken, automatically brightness during the day
Battery comes with time memory, external power cut off does not affect the time
Temperature measurement display range (the 2 digits of right side): -9 ℃ to 99 ℃, the main display area display range: -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃
When the power goes out, it will not show the time, but it keeps time.

Setting description:

1, Setting key: Use to set the time, date, year. Use with the increase and decrease key.
2, Plus key: When adjusting the parameters and time to increase the value. This also use for adjust cycle display.
3, Decrease key: When adjusting the parameters and time to decrease the value. Also this button is also use to adjust the temperature error, brightness, auto brightness function.
4, Alarm clock key: Use to set the alarm time, 3 groups alarm clock, when setting note the upper right corner of the display, A1, A2, A3 represent 3 groups alarm clock

Ac: Temperature error calibration parameters. The adjustment range is -5 to 5 ° C
dd: Custom cycle (dd: 0 Time + date + temperature, dd: 1 time + temperature, dd: 2 time + date)
dF: Custom cycle switching time interval, unit is second, the adjustment range is 1-9.
LL: Display brightness level adjustment range is 1-9. LL: 1 darkest, LL: 9 brightest. (Note: adjust the brightness manually only when the option AL is AL: 0 can effect, otherwise it will automatic control by the electronic clock display brightness)
AL: Automatic brightness control switch, AL: 0 is off, AL: 1 is open. When set to AL: 1, will automatically detect the ambient light intensity to change the display brightness.
BP: Alarm bell switch, BP: 0 is off, BP: 1 is open (Hint: When the alarm is ringing, press any key to mute)

Package includes:

1 x Electronic Alarm Clock