5Pcs HKT002 SMD Soldering Practice Board Electronic Components DIY Learning Kit



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This kit is designed for SMD soldering practice only.
No need manual, put the right element to the right position as follow.
Battery: 3*AA battery (package does not includes)

Soldering Note:

SMD components are relatively small, please note that do not lose, light-emitting diodes, diodes, chips have direction, pay attention!
The LED green dot for the negative, you can use a multimeter diode lights light-emitting diodes, red pen for the positive, the black end of the diode is negative.
When using power supply must pay attention to the power supply positive is connected +, negative connected -, the supply voltage is 5V.

Package includes: (per set)

Parameter Number Quantity Parameter Number Quantity
100-510Ω/0805 R1-R50 50 0603 resistance PR1-5 5
4.7-10KΩ/0805 R51-R60 10 NE555 U1 1
10-20KΩ/0603 R61-R70 10 CD4017 U2 1
0.1uF/0805 C1-C10 10 Circuit board 1
1N4148/1206 D1-D10 10 Manual Chinese only 1
S8050/SOT-23 Q1-Q10 10 0402 10
LED/0805 L1-L10 10 QFP44 IC 2

Test photos, for reference only!