5W 18V Polycrystalline Solar Panel for 12V Battery


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The 5W solar panel Module widely applied to DC LED lights, battery, camping, picnic and other uses.
The solar panel is with good resistance to climate, preventing wind, hail. It can effectively resist
corrosion of moisture and salt fog, and can produce high efficient power and energy.


– Use of solar energy, no additional power supply, energy efficiency and environmental protection.
– Do it yourself, to add fun to life.
– High conversion rate, high efficiency output
– Peak voltage: 17.9 volts
– Peak current: 0.28 ampere
– Open circuit voltage: 22.41 volts
– Short-circuit current: 0.3A
– 5W/18V (for 12V system use)

Scope of application:

– Mobile phone charger
– Small home lighting system
– For a variety of low-power appliances, such as solar water pumps, small solar systems
– Homemade DIY Solar Toys

Package Included:

1 x 5W Solar Panel