72W 3 Channel DMX512 Encoder Decoder Board Codering Module for RGB LED Stage Light


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Name:Decoder Board
1.Transmission: RS485 differential transmission, with high resistance to dry worries, transmission distance, easy wiring
2.Anti-lightning, anti-static, the circuit is stable and reliable
3.Gray-scale 0-100% dimming, 256 * 256 * 256 gray-scale
4.DC power supply
5.Power-on: Boot no impact (instantaneous power LED body), the protective effect of the LED
6.Applications: Mainly used in high-power full-color wall wash lights, spot lights, buried lights, underwater lights, stage lights, tunnel lights.


1.Dimensions: 36mm*18mm
2.Input voltage: DC12 ~ 24V
3.Output Current: 2A*3 Channel
4.5Output Power:72W
5.Output channels: three channel


Connected with DMX512 controller, the controller will follow the effect of changes
When not associated DMX512 controller will automatically run the built-in effects (colorful hopping, gradient); in serial mode, when not connected to the main controller, the first decoder can automatically becomes the master, synchronize online change.
Package Included:

1 x Decoder Board