80CM USB To RS-232 DB9 9-pin Serial Cable Adapter Supports Win8


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Wire Materials:copper
Applicable Equipment:serial line
Type:USB cable
Total Length:80cm


– This product can easily achieve the computer USB interface to the universal serial port conversion between the serial port for the computer to
   provide fast access, and the use of this product is equivalent to the traditional serial device into a plug and play USB devices.
– Support various types of single-chip, single-chip STC download, LED screen control card, MODEM, ISDN terminal adapter communication for a USB
   port of the computer or notebook.
– Installation is simple, no external power supply and physical drive.
– Run the driver CH340.EXE file to install.
– Connect the USB cable to the USB port of the computer and install the driver automatically.
– After the success of the installation to the Device Manager COM port.

Package included:

1 x DB9 Serial Cable
1 x DB9 Adapter