Adjustable Potentiometer Rotary Angle Sensor Module For Arduino


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Adjustable Potentiometer Volume Control Knob Switch Rotary Angle Sensor Module For Arduino


Rotary Angle Sensor is based on the 10k the adjustable potentiometer knob Angle sensor module, the output is 0 ~ VCC simulation values, the output voltage will be as the potentiometer rotation Angle and linear changes. Apply to 3.3 V and 5 V of the SCM system, and the arduino board are compatible. Especially suitable for the volume regulator, such as lighting regulator DIY project


Easy to use
Electronic building blocks Interface
Power supply is 3 ~ 5.5VDC
4 M2 screw positioning holes for easy installation


Item Minimum Typical Value Maximum Unit
VCC 3 5 5.5 V
Rotation Angle 0 N/A 280 Deg
Size 24 x 29 x 27 mm
Weight 8 g


Control Interface: GND to ground, VCC power supply, SIG is the signal output pin.
Knob Potentiometer: 10K ohm linear adjustable potentiometer, add aluminum knob cap.
Positioning holes: 4 M2 screws positioning holes with a diameter of 2.2mm, easy to install, implement the module combinations.

Package included:

1 x Rotary Angle Sensor