ADS1256 24 ADC8 Road AD-precision ADC Data Acquisition Module


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1. A0-A7 ADC has 8 input channels, which can be easily configured as differential input and single-ended input.
2. Low noise low temperature drift Vishay wafer metal film resistors.
3. Input filter capacitor (104), one for each channel.
4. High speed low noise LDO, high power supply rejection ratio, low quiescent current.
5. Digital signal high-frequency attenuation resistor to isolate external high-frequency noise.
6. ADR03 2.5V voltage reference, composed of 0.1Hz~10Hz low-pass filter circuit through OPA350 high-speed buffer, large-capacitance tantalum capacitor and ceramic capacitor used in parallel and using low-noise metal film wafer resistor, effectively suppress low-frequency noise.
7. 100uF large-capacity filter tantalum capacitors and inductors form an LC filter circuit to make the power supply more pure.
8. Separate the analog signal ground from the digital signal ground.
9. Added GND, 2.5V, 3.3V test points to make the debugging circuit more convenient.

Package included:

1 x ADS1256 24 ADC8 Road AD-precision ADC Data Acquisition Module