GY-39 Serial MAX44009 Light Intensity BME280 Temperature And Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Sensor


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GY-39 light intensity temperature and humidity atmospheric pressure sensor module, direct serial port output
1, can be used as a simple MAX44009 or BME280 module, chip I2C communication
2, you can read all kinds of data on the module MCU, MCU calculation of the unified direct output of the calculation
of the practical data, support for serial /i2c
3, you can connect the Android mobile phone or UTB to TTL module connected to the computer via Bluetooth module,
Data analysis of computer software
Name: 4 in 1 weather station module(light intensity + temperature and humidity + atmospheric pressure module)
Model: GY-39
Using chip: MAX44009+BME280+MCU
Power supply: 3-5v
Module size: 24.3*26.7mm
Communication mode:MCU_IIC/MCU_Serial / sensor chip IIC bus

Package Included:

1 x GY-39 humidity atmospheric pressure sensor module