LTC3780 DC-DC Power Supply Module 12V 24V Constant Voltage Step Up-Down



Model: LTC3780
Size(L*W*H): 77 x 50 x 12 mm
Output ripple: 50 mV (12V to 12V, 5A can be measured)
Output current: 10 A(Max) (Long term within 7 A)
Input voltage: DC 5V-32V (It is recommended to use in more than 10 v voltage)
Output voltage: DC 1V – 30V continuous adjustable
Output power: 80 W (The peak of 130 w, more than 80 w please strengthen heat dissipation)
Short circuit protection: Yes
Input reverse connect protection: No (If necessary, please input series schottky diode)
Output control flow backward: No (If used for battery charging or load is bring electricity load, please on the output side series schottky diode)


The input uses replaceable fuse protection, power supply and equipment.
Inductor used iron silicon aluminum, 0.8 double winding, generate less heat.
Output error indicating lamp, light output voltage drift too serious, short circuit fault.
Constant voltage, constant current, under voltage protection (MPPT is more suitable for solar charging).
The heatsinks can ensure good heat dissipation, need not consider the insulation and heat dissipation problems.
The electrolysis is low resistance, high frequency capacitor, make the ripple down to the freezing point.

Package includes:

1 x LTC3780 Power Module