4WD Smart Robot Car Kit UNO Bluetooth IR Obstacle Avoid Line Follow L298N For Arduino


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1. Programmable and you can add functions.
2. TP4056 charger module to charge your Li-ion battery.
3. 18650 Li-ion battery solution power both L298N and UNO board.
4. Android bluetooth control, obstacle avoidance, IR remote control and line tracking/follower 4 functions in 1 smart robotic car.

About the UNO:

Add A6 and A7 analog I/O.
Come with SHIELDED USB cable for stable data transit.
Add two rows of the pass-thru holes for connecting normal dupont line.
This UNO is manufactured using the Creative Commons files, compatible with Arduino software(IDE) in every way.


Material: Circuit Board + Electronic Component
Finished Car Size: (L)X(W)X(H)21.6X12X13.5cm/8.50''X8.07''X5.31''(appr.)

Package included:

1 x 4WD Acrylic Chassis Kit ( 4 Motors + 4 Wheels + 2 Acrylic body + 4 Encoder Disc + 1 Boat shape switch + 1 bag of screws and bolt)
1 x UNO R3 Board (Fully ARDUINO-Compatible)
1 x Shielded USB Cable
1 x V5 Sensor Shield
1 x L298N Dual H Bridge Motor Driver Module
1 x HC-06 Bluetooth Module
1 x IR Receive Module
1 x IR Remote Controller (Battery CR2032 included)
3 x Line Tracking Sensor Module
1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder
1 x Acrylic Bracket for HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder
1 x SG90 Servo
1 x Acrylic Bracket for SG90 Servo
40 x Female to Female Dupont Cable
7 x Red Electronic Cable
5 x Black Electronic Cable
2 x TP4056 battery charging module (For charging one 18650 battery cell one time only)
3 x 18650 Battery Holder (2 in 1 type 1piece and single type 2pcs.18650 Battery NOT INCLUDED)