T12 Digital Soldering Station OLED Display Control Board STC Controller Kit


Note: The OLED display color is send in random.

Basic operation:

1. Normal mode, rotary encoder to adjust the temperature, slow turn, each grid 1 degree, fast turn each grid 5 degrees.
2. In normal mode, short press the encoder to enter the sleep, any encoder action to exit, if the vibration mode allows, then the vibration handle will quit sleep mode.
3. In normal mode, double-click the encoder to enter the enhanced mode, any encoder action to exit.
4. In the sleep mode, long press the key to shut down, re-power or short press the key to boot.
5. In normal mode, press and hold the encoder to enter the menu setting mode.
6. Long time no action will enter the sleep mode, if longer time no action will enter the shutdown mode, these two time can enter the menu to set.

Menu Settings:

1, The reference voltage, using mV as units. Corresponding to the TL431 voltage on the control panel is consistent, it is recommended to keep the factory parameters.
2, Offset voltage. Corresponding to the op amp on the control panel offset voltage, software correction value, the control panel using the op amp is very small, it is recommended to keep the factory parameters.
3, Gain adjustment. Corresponding to the op amp on the control panel magnification, it is recommended to keep the factory parameters.
4, Temperature calibration. The system calibrates the global temperature for 350 degrees. Other temperature points according to the linear correction, when enter the temperature calibration, please correspond to the professional temperature measurement equipment (not includes), slowly adjust the parameters until the actual temperature measurement of 350 degrees for the calibration is completed, long press to exit.
5, Wake up settings. 0: does not allow wake-up. 1: handle vibration and encoder operation can wake up the system sleep. 2: only allow the encoder to wake up the system to sleep.
6, Sleep time. No operation, the system automatically sleep, minutes as unit.
7, Shutdown time. After the sleep, no operation automatically shuts down, minutes as unit.
8, Temperature strengthened. Set the temperature at which the temperature is increased at the current set temperature, celsius as unit.
9, Strengthen the time. Corresponding to the temperature after the increase, how long the automatic quit the temperature reduction mode. seconds as unit.
10, Sound settings. 1: allow beep, 0: turn off the buzzer.
11, Restore the default. 1: to restore the default parameters, 0: does not restore the parameters.

Package includes:

1 x OLED Display Control Board Kit